Wednesday | 3 October

3 OCTOBER | Wednesday | @ Filmhuis Cavia


A handpicked selection of short-films reflecting on Brazil’s daily life and recent history.


Fire Mouth

(Boca de Fogo)

9 min, Luciano Pérez Fernandes, 2017


City of Salgueiro, Brazil. The sun scorches the people perched on the terraces watching a football match. Even the players on the ground seem to be slowed down by the punishing heat. But an epic battle ignites the radio waves. A thunderous and remarkably articulate voice brings the game alive with powerful alliterations and metaphors. It is Fire Mouth: the fastest commentator in the heartland of Pernambuco.

Sadder than Playtime on a Rainy Day

(Mais Triste que Chuva em Recreio de Colégio)

14min, Lobo Mauro, 2018

sadder than 1

Scenes of the refurbishment of Maracanã in 2011 for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The television narration of the humiliating defeat of the Brazilian soccer team by Germany with 1:7. Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment vote by the Lower House of Congress in 2016. The 2017 Labour Reform for the super wealth of businessmen. A World “Coup” in Brazil.

Poetry at War

(Poesia na Guerra)

2min, Fernando Salinas e Guilherme Fernández, 2017


A young man recites poetry in the midst of a shooting in Complexo do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro.

It’s never night time on the map

(Nunca é Noite no Mapa)

6min, Ernesto Carvalho, 2016


What difference does it make for the map if it contains you? A frontal encounter with the map, leads us to a tour of the circuits of symbiosis between the map and the transformations of spaces in the era of digital capitalism. “The map does not walk, it does not fly, it does not run, it does not feel discomfort, it has no opinion. For the map there is no government, there is no coup, there is no revolution.”

Real Conquista

14min, Fabiana Assis, 2017

real conquista 3

In Goiânia, in the neighborhood Real Conquista, a woman, marked by a strong past of violence, fights for better conditions of life.

Portrait # 1: The Awake People and Their 1000 Flags

(Retrato nº 1: o Povo Acordado e Suas 1000 Bandeiras

5min, Edu Ioschpe, 2013


A framed face, a furious chorus outside the frame. A small fragment of the 2013 protests, in an attempt to reveal the enormous contradictions of contemporary Brazil.

The Coup in 50  Acts

(O Golpe em 50 cortes ou a corte em 50 golpes)

9min, Lucas Campolina, 2017


Stanch the bloodletting? Bessias? You have to keep this up, ok? In 50 cuts, the telephone clamps of 2016 and 2017 strips the backstage of national politics.

A horizon of 3.5 km

(Um horizonte de 3,5 km)

13min, Jaqueline Maria, 2017

horizonte 1

What sets me apart is a distant and forbidden place, a stranger that shows itself through gaps and holes.


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