Thursday | 4 October

4 OCTOBER | Thursday | @ Filmhuis Cavia



Black Faggot

(Bicha Preta)

23min, Thiago Rocha, 2017


The documentary brings to light the reality of afrohomosexuals that have been historically excluded by society. In addition to being marginalized for their social class and skin color, this group is often stigmatized within the LGBTTT comunity itself. “Bicha Preta” gives voice and space for gay blacks to express themselves freely, by reporting and documenting stories which are transformative for the viewer. Proposing the correlation and criticism of two forms of social oppression: homophobia and machismo, in addition to problematizing this theme, the study approaches the sociocultural aspects that help in the marginalization of negritude, specifically in relation to the homosexual individual.



20min, Thiemi Higashi, 2018


In her short-film Maravilhosa,Thiemi Higashi shows us an intimate portrait of Amsterdam-based, Brazilian artist Mavi Veloso. We follow Veloso during her performances in nightclubs, on the street, in the shower and in intimacy, while talking about hormone therapy, discrimination, Brazil, Europe, art and love. Creation and self-creation go hand in hand.


25min, Éthel Oliveira, 2017


Through the making of clothes that go beyond gender, affections and plots are built between the Baixada Fluminense and Lapa neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro.

Nova Dubai

56min, Gustavo Vinagre, 2014


In a middle class neighborhood in a city in the countryside of Brazil, the real estate speculation is a menace to the affective memory of a group of friends. Their answer to this imminent transformation is to fuck in the construction sites. And what about love? Is love just a construction?


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