Monday | 1 October

1 OCTOBER | Monday | @ Filmhuis Cavia



20.00 Tropical Curse (A Maldição Tropical)

14min, Luisa Marques / Darks Miranda, 2016


A friction between two national projects forged in Brazil in the mid-twentieth century: a tropical imaginary, personified by Carmen Miranda and a late modernism that was established in the country in the late 1950s and early 1960s, embodied in Rio de Janeiro by the Flamengo Park.

Give me a Break, Spider (Sem Essa, Aranha)

1h 42min, Rogério Sganzerla, 1970


Banker, acting as an international front, lives dangerously among a blonde, a brunette and a dark woman, his lover.

Sganzerla’s film is about Brazil; about the Brazilian of the 1970’s; about the Brazilian of 2018. Of a people formed by centuries of social and economic violence. A fractured, racist, sexist society; violent in the abyss between classes, in misery, in hunger, in the false myths of the cordiality of a peaceful people. The aesthetic construction used by the filmmaker in ‘Sem Essa, Aranha’ is overwhelming, urgent, shouted and rooted in words and images.


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