Saturday | 6 October

6 OCTOBER | Saturday | @ Filmhuis Cavia


Na Missão com Kadu

27min, Pedro Maia de Brito e Aiano, 2016


In the largest urban land conflict in Latin America, comrades and companions from the occupied region of Izidora march for decent housing. Filmmaker and leadership, Kadu, takes his camera to the march and in it brings back some footage of the day 19/5. At the edge of the fire he remembers the day, the fight and the dream.

O Desmonte do Monte

1h25min, Sinai Sganzerla, 2018

desmonte do monte 2

The Sacred Hill, later named Morro do Castelo, was the site chosen by the Portuguese for the foundation of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Its structure represents an important historical and architectural reference of the past of the city and according to an urban legend, inside the hill lies a treasure never found. Despite all its relevance, Morro do Castelo was destroyed by urbanistic reforms aimed at promoting real estate speculation in the region, ending one of the major pillars of the region’s history.


They Don’t Wear Black Tie (Eles Não Usam Black Tie)

2h, Leon Hirszman, 1981

eles não usam black tie






The film revolves around a working-class family in São Paulo in 1980. Otávio, a syndicalist leader, and Romana are the parents of Tião, whose girlfriend, Maria, becomes pregnant. Fearing to be fired and thus unable to support his now fiancée, Tião does not participate on a strike, which starts a series of family conflicts.


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